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Anybody can talk about a movie, that good and bad. Movies once released are in the public realm. You, I or anyone has the right to like or dislike any film. It is our personal choice. Having said that, the freedom of ‘my
personal choice’ is not a luxury that a Film Critic has.

A Film Critic’s Job is to analysis and evaluate films, individually or collectively. Critics that have their analysis published in newspapers are into ‘journalistic criticism’. They have to take a academic approach to films. These film critics try to come to understand, and explain to their readers, why film works, how it works, what
it means, and what effects it has on people.

They have to answer the following questions that any audience wishes to know.

Story and Screenplay
Is the story interesting and does the screenplay unfold in a way that holds your attention?

Does the use of language in conversations adhere to the characters making the happenings believable?

Have the principle actors lived their characters and make you believe that they are not actors but the characters themselves?

Has the Cinematographer done justice to the need of the story by lighting the shots well and giving the whole film a color tone that helps in the story telling process?

Does the action provide the thrill and edge of the seat experience?

Has the editor done justice to keep only the stuff needed to keep the pace at it’s maximum while not hampering the story telling process?

Sound Design
Is the sound realistic and innovative, creating the experience of “being there”?

Has the Director told the story keeping the pace and maintained your attention? Has he/she been able to “suspend my disbelief” for as long as we are watching the film?

Production Value
Are Production values justified? Or have they splurged because they can?

If computer graphics are used to enhance locales and sets they should not be noticeable, but should add to the grandeur of the scene. If graphics have been used to achieve super human tasks then do they convince the audience that ‘this is real’?

Does the music entertain me, culturally or otherwise?

Background Score
Background score is used to enhance the feel as well as entertain me. Does the background music effectively enhance my emotions in various parts of the film?

Would the majority of our film goers most likely be entertained by this film?

If the critic has trouble analyzing the above topics, he/she should hire people that have the capability to analyze.

Once you have hired the people FIRE YOURSELF, you don’t deserve to be a Film Critic. Work as an assistant director for a few films and then come back.

The above report is for overall audience and not for a selective club.
Do not be star struck. You are analyzing a film and not saluting a star.
Be honest and maintain integrity towards your job.
and finally… most importantly… KEEP IT SIMPLE

Your comments are welcome.

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